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Being one of the countless beneficiaries of Stoxway. I can tell with utmost conviction that they are among the best in business. what makes Stoxway unique is the focus on imparting knowledge and developing the right trading mindset that will definitely help you in the long run. Burman sir personally guides every member in a live market and never hesitates to share his knowledge. I and many others like me have not only gained from his vast knowledge that cannot be found anywhere, but I have also become a better and a profitable trader. I would definitely recommend Stoxway to anyone who is serious about trading.

Basavaraj Kurati
Sr. Manager - Business Transformation, Cisco Systems India

Shyam sir के साथ trading कर के ऐसे लगता है कि कोयी आपका अपना trading करवा रहा हो वो ऐसे ख्याल रखते है कि लगता नहीं की वो professional हो जब से u के साथ trading शुरू की है I am always in profit वो एक एक बात deeply समझाते है उनके levels रामबाण की तरह है वो एक gem of person है dhanya hai wo jo इनकी shagirdi mai aa जाए

Himanshu Gupta
Dental Surgeon

I have been associated with Stoxway under Mentor Mr Shyam Burman from August 21 and my experience has been very good he is dedicated to educating all members providing live trading and training for hours on a daily basis which is rare in stock education. I recommend all interested in learning with logic and understanding market movement stock picks hidden secrets of market trading join stoxway and you will not regret it.

Jaikumar Menon
Chief Mgr Fin & Admin, Oman Agriculture & Development Co Limited

Stoxway is a great platform…which is a solution to your all-stock inquiries. Stoxway not only supports you by holding your hand but also teaches you in a great manner which enables us to take decision by ourselves.

A few pros are : 1) Very friendly behavior, 2)always ready to help .. 3) always gives answers to your queries, 4) daily gives classes to teach us.. 5) most of the predictions are right, 6) Fees is comparatively very less than other mentors.

I bow down to my Guru for imparting the immense wealth of knowledge. Fortunate to have him.

Rohit Kumar
Judicial Assistant, Supreme court of india

I joined this group a year back and since then it has immensely helped me to develop the mentality of a trader.. It is the best Trading group available… Stoxway will never give you false hopes or promises.. Stoxway has shown us that if follow your basics correctly, then you will never loose in this market.. Shyam sir has immense knowledge and understanding of the market..be it equity or commodity.. Any money which you spend with the membership fee is definitely worth it.. You will surely get multifold returns with it.. There is no match to Shyam sirs dedication for this group .. He is always available for personal assistance at any time of the day.. Thank you sir for helping me in my journey..

Suraj Prabhakhar Shetty
Application security & complaince consultant, TCS

In the kingdom of price-action, Shyam sir is definitely a king if not the emperor himself. His wisdom about price-action and indicators are so vast that if the student is ready, the opportunity learn is limitless. His dedication to educate and share his trading wisdom is incomparably high and he is present in every trading session guiding traders on how to navigate the day’s session and the medium term. Importantly he uses the live-session to teach and live-trade. So , for people who are willing to educate yourself about trading the capital markets, you search ends now . All the best and happy trading.

Chairman, Harmony Corporation

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